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Simple delicious meals for real life. Like, real life.

Did You Know…

From the Vermont White Cheddar in our Mac n’ Cheese to our Mexican-inspired Enchiladas, our recipes offer you fresh flavours from around the globe.

Our menu features a selection of organic and high protein options.

That’s code for good for you.

Get fresh. We source over 595,000 kilos of veggies every year. That’s a lot of peas and carrots. Like, a lot.

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    "It’s delicious! Fish is delicious and is a good sized portion. I enjoyed the flavours in rice and could taste the sour cream. I will buy this again!"



    The mac's organic.
    The cheddar's from Vermont.
    Together, amazing.

    White meat chicken.
    Creamy Masala sauce.
    Flavour nirvana.